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Dog Shows 2010



A.Ch.Oltenia - C.A.C. - 20.03.2010 - Craiova

A.Ch.Mediaş - C.A.C. -27.03.2010 - Mediaş

A.Ch.Ialomiţa - 2 x C.A.C.I.B. - 10-11.04.2010 - Slobozia


EU Pet Passports and the Fight Against Rabies

This film describes the measures that have already been taken to eradicate rabies in the EU and the devastating impact this disease can have on animals and humans. In addition, it explains what travelers can do to prevent the spread of rabies by ensuring that their pet animals are vaccinated against rabies and have an EU pet passport when traveling in the EU.  Diseases don’t respect borders. Get your pet an EU passport.



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