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PRESS RELEASE, Bucharest, February 20th,  2019



Bucharest, February 20th, 2019


The postal mark is one of the symbols of a country`s sovereignty along with the flag, coat of arms and national anthem and is a true ambassador of every country. A little piece of paper, but of high importance, the stamp is an efficient communication instrument used both at national and international level, offering a small glance to the cultural, artistic and historic inheritance of a country.

If philately means collecting postal marks its meaning renews when becoming means of mass information, education and especially promotion throughout the world. The stamp travels everywhere and with it our country`s thesaurus.

The Romanian Kennel Club has tried to emphasize the value and promote all around the whole world, the national patrimony of native breeds, breeds worthy of international appreciation and for which many generations of breeders have fought to homologate and protect as they should be.

In cooperation with S.C. Romfilatelia, the national entity responsible for the issuance of Romanian postal marks, the Romanian Kennel Club as consultant, has brought its contribution to this beautiful achievement: the issuing of the first Romanian postal marks exclusively dedicated to the four breeds of Romanian Shepherd dogs.

The emission of the postal marks “Dog breeds” will be available as from Friday, February 22nd, 2019, in the Romfilatelia shops in Bucharest, Bacau, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara as well as on-line: http://romfilatelia.ro/store/. The emission is supplemented by 1 first day envelope, and as layout there were used sheets of 28 stamps and mini-sheets of 5 stamps, 1 vignette and 1 block of 4 stamps (partial perforation)

The Romanian Kennel Club expresses its gratitude to Romfilatelia and the Natural History Museum – “Grigore Antipa”- for popularization of an national cynological heritage by issuing these postal marks with an outstanding cultural importance.




Cristian Ștefănescu




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EDS 2019



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